1. Name owner of the best homemade dog treats, who has faced the challenges of autism?

I love dogs! They are loyal best friends and I understand that animals tell their owners when and what they like to eat in their own way. I wanted to make a treat that dogs would really love, so I conducted a study to find a favorite. This has now become my new job. I very much love to make dogs happy by feeding them just what they love. My recipe has been developed especially for our loyal best friends. Dogs “LOVE” them!!!

Gene's Homemade Dog Treats
2. Name of Gene’s and mans loyal best friend?

Answer: (Dog)
Volunteering at local dog shelters, the veterinarian office, and pet sitting owners’ dogs has been cool. I have learned how to hear heartbeats of dogs and cats when they need to have surgery, how to clean their food bowls, water them, take them on walks, and show them love. These experiences have helped me understand them better. I continue to volunteer to help animals from all around find love. You can help too . . .


3. Another name for Gene’s best homemade dog biscuits?

Answer: (Treats)
In developing the best ever type of dog treat a study was done. Dog treats of many flavors and types were sent home with my friends and family along with survey sheets. When survey sheets were returned I found that one treat was loved over all the others. This is the treat that I now make for you to share with your dogs. I wanted to make a treat that also tells a little about me. I love puzzles. So, some of my treats are made to look like a bone and a puzzle, some are puzzle pieces and some are regular bones. Check out my treats on the product page!


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She gets so excited...
​My little gal is so finicky, and I wasn't sure she would like them... After receiving my order we had her try one imediately.  She absolutely loves the 2" puzzle treats. Now she gets so excited  when she see em coming... ​
JW... from Utah
Wonderful idea...
​Our dog has a sensitive stomach, so when I read the treat ingredients included ginger I had to order... She LOVES them and ironically her tummy and demeanor seems so much calmer. Thank you for such a wonderful idea... 
MB... from Arizona​